Mistress Fionnabhair's Brewing Competition 2018

Our judges are not yet picked, though I hope to rectify that soon!

Rules (simplified)

  1. Each contestant must submit at least three bottles of a single homemade beverage
  2. Each bottle must contain a minimum of 12 ounces of your beverage
  3. One bottle must have a lable with the brewer's name, the type of beverage, and the recipe ("secret" ingredients can be left off, but must be clearly documented for the judges)
  4. Entrants will receive one bottle per label; label will need to be firmly affixed to each bottle
    1. One anonymous bottle will go to the brewing competition
    2. One anonymous bottle will go to the Iris Faire's populace fair under the entrant's name
    3. One labeled bottle will be placed in the winner's prize basket
    4. Extra bottles will supplement the stock for the populace fair entry
  5. Categories
    1. Wine
      1. Alcohol comes primarily from grapes 
      2. Red
      3. White
      4. Blush/Rose
    2. Mead
      1. Alcohol comes primarily from honey
      2. May contain fruit, vegetables, herbs, spices, and other ingredients suitable to your recipe
    3. Cider
      1. Alcohol comes primarily from apples or pears, or a combination
      2. May contain other fruits, herbs, and/or spices
    4. Ale/Beer
      1. Alcohol comes primarily from malted grains
      2. May contain hops or not
    5. Cordials
      1. Should contain period-style base liquors (vodka, gin, brandy, or other documentable liquors)
      2. May not contain home-distilled liquors
      3. May contain any period fruit, herb, spice, or other flavoring that can be documented or logically deduced from period documentation
  6. Judging
    1. Judging will be performed by a selection of Peers and brewers who are not entered in the competition
    2. Brews will gain bonus points if from a period recipe
    3. Brewing method will gain bonus points if it follows period methods
  7.  Prizes
    1. The winner will recieve a basket with one bottle of each brew entered in the competition
    2. The winner will receive an award from Mistress Fionnabhair
    3. The winner will also earn the right to display the badge of the Iris Faire Brewing Competition (A hydra holding an ale barrel)
      1. This can be put on the winning entry any time it is brewed in the future
    4. Runners-up may also receive prizes at the judges' discretion
    5. Contestants will also have the chance to win additional prizes from the bottles entered in the Iris Faire competition

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